Welcome to path2code. We believe in the power of coding! It is the future of everything!

Practice coding

This website will help you (or members/students in your organization) to learn and practice programming using a problem-solving-based approach. Questions are presented as real-life problems. The interface is simple, attractive, and easy to use.


Path2code help members to learn programming in an easy and interactive approach. The programming questions are presented in a problem-based approach. The platform currently supports C/C++/Python/JAVA.

The website intended to improve the member’s ability to learn and improve their logical and mathematical skills in solving problems.

Path2code is currently hosted at the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid – Jordan


To get a free account for your organization and start adding students, please write to us!

Accounts are free for Fall semester 2021.